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AI Robots are at the top of the food chain, and one of the robots is trying to catch humans, which are now fish-like creatures who live in water and get attracted to electronic devices like phones, laptops, etc. It’s time to catch these greedy humans.


Use Appropriate bait to catch fish by adjusting the Fishing hook slider using A and D and dropping the bait using  SPACE on top of the fish to see it.

Each Fish rewards you with specific points and money, with which you can buy better bait to catch bigger fish.

Catch as many fishes as possible, earn more points, and make a new High Score!

Catcher     Bait
Commoner ( Old Man ) Xokia
Knight or General ( Spectacle Guy )Xphone
Viscount ( Women with necklace )MaxBook
Duke ( Shark )Top Secret Project

For any query, feel free to  contact us on discord: RaghuvanshAgarwal#8087


Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorsRaghuvansh Agarwal, Void Main Studio
GenreStrategy, Adventure
Tags2D, artificial-intelligence, Fishing, Pixel Art


Brainwash 22 MB


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Hi :)

This was fun to play,  great job :)


Thank you so much for playing, share your high score here, we are giving a total of one!!!!!! toffee to the winner ;)

I forgot about that, sorry :)

Played again and aimed for 100.000 

It looks like I could have go on for a long time :)