A downloadable game for Windows


  • Casual Surfer.
  • Player is controlled with Mouse.
  • The Themes covered are 1 Second and Jump Gone Wrong.
  • Enemy will Move Toward Player.
  • Player Has To Wait For His Shooting Ability. 
  • Shooting Ability of the Player Last One Second Only.
  • Player Has Only One Bullet Per Charge

What’s in:

  • A Cell Is Spawned After a Successful Hit. 
  • The cell can either be a Buff or a Nerf.
  • If the player rushes to get the cell and earns a Nerf in it that makes the Jump go wrong.
  • Act fast and smart.
  • Players can make better use of Power-Ups for faster completion of levels.
  • The Nerf  increases the difficulty of the game and lasts a few seconds.

Made on: 

              Construct 2  How to Learn Construct 2 for Free

         -  By Scirra

Team Members:

              Akash Sharma

              Hariharan Arumugam

              Harish S

              Raghuvansh Agarwal


Surf Bot.exe 200 MB

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