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Terminal Hacker is a game made in Unity 2019 which is inspired by 90's Science Fiction Movie which had these Terminal in which Protagonist had to Hack Into in order to save the day

Terminal Hacker

  • Is Developed solely by myself with the help of Unity which is a very Robust Engine When it comes to 2D Games.
  • Has Three Level of Difficulty i.e Beginner,intermediate,expert.
  • Has a retro vibe to it as well as three different ending. Game-Play

Players are greeted with an opening scene where rules and what type of game is Terminal Hacker are made clear to player when they choose to play the game a new scene is created and player is asked for the difficulty and like wise game starts giving player a jumbled word which they have to type in the correct way within specific tries and if they are able to guess it a reward is given to then in order to the difficulty chosen.

Install instructions

Extract The Zip File and Enjoy


Terminal Hacker 18 MB

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